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special applications

The demands on heat loss form thermal energy is rising every day. Whether this be keeping heat into or out of equipment or applications. VACUPOR® is uniquely positioned to help with these kinds of solutions. At Vacutherm we can draw upon our extensive experience in solutions for special applications. We have worked with numerous companies to find bespoke solutions to their needs – whether these be construction, machinery, transport etcrelated projects.

We can work with your development team on research and development projects to achieve your goals in energy conservation.

Some areas where you might not realise that VACUPOR® can and has helped are.

  • Static refrigeration – both domestic fridges etc. and large commercial installation.
  • Mobile refrigeration – reducing the thickness of insulation so a greater pay load can be carried.
  • Storage boxes – especially in the area of the transportation of medical supplies.
  • Specialist machinery and equipment – whether this is protecting vital parts of machines from heat or the conservation heat within a machine.



In these applications virtually any VACUPOR® product might be used. However a good place to start is VACUPOR® NT


If you would like more information on VACUPOR® in all applications either visit our downloads page or send us a message through our contact form