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The demand for greater insulation on roofs grows from year to year, especially on Retrofit flat roofs. This leads to the use of thicker and thicker conventional insulation that means, in certain circumstances, their use is technically not possible. This might be, for example, that the insulation is now above the kerb of the roof.

VACUPOR® Roof was especially developed for roofing applications to reduce the over all thickness of the insulation required. The low density and the specially developed IR opacifiers contained in the panels greatly reduce the thermal conductivity of VACUPOR® Roof systems to a class leading level. This leads to ultra thin roof insulation in all circumstances

VACUPOR® Roof uniquely has protective layers adhered to either side of the VACUPOR® panel. On the side laid to the roof is a 3mm granular crumb. This is designed to protect the VACUPOR® from any form of mechanical damage when being laid. On the other face of the panel is adhered a 17mm layer of PIR insulation. This allows all the usual forms of membranes etc to be installed over the VACUPOR® Roof panel in a traditional manner.

VACUPOR® Roof is already successfully used as insulation material in the following areas:

  • Terrace insulation
  • Flat roof insulation

Form of delivery


Standard sizes:

  • 1200 mm * 1000 mm * X
  • 1000 mm * 600 mm * X
  • 1200 mm * 500 mm * X
  • 600 mm * 500 mm * X
  • 1000 mm * 300 mm * X
  • 600 mm * 250 mm * X
  • 300 mm * 250 mm * X

Standard thicknesses (X):

  • 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 mm
  • Further thicknesses on request

For more information on VACUPOR® Roof visit the Downloads page.