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With a massive reduction in insulation thickness compared to traditional insulations, VACUPOR® provides an increased amount of habitable space due to the technology enhanced thinness of the products.

VACUPOR® Vacuum Insulation Panels can help to transform any project where insulation is required. Because of the ultra thin nature of the panels they are exceptional to Create Space and Save Energy. They can contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of a building, reducing Green House Gas emissions.

Vacutherm’s VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels are up to 10 times thinner than other traditional insulation materials. So if you have an application where you would like to save space or a problem because traditional inslation materials are to thick – then VACUPOR® could be the solution. To give an idea of where vaupor could assist see some typical real life examples below:

  • Floors – Where, during a renovation, removing an existing solid floor to insulate with traditional insulation would be disruptive, very time consuming and costly. Laying VACUPOR® over the existing floor and a thin floating floor gives a rapid solution that can easily meet or better current building regulation requirements.
  • Curtain Walling – In curtain walling applications spandrel (solid) panels are regularly required.using traditional insultion materials requires a large increase of thickness of the panel to meet the thermal requirements. This generally means having the panel encroach into the internal space of the building. Using VACUPOR® within a sealed glazed unit usually means that building regulation requirments are met within the thickness of the standard sealed unit.
  • OEM Integration – within mchinery and product applications space is usually at a premium. Therefore where heat needs to be conserved the use of traditional insulation materials can be extremely prohibitive. The use of VACUPOR® can ‘free-up’ valuable space. Added to this because bespoke shapes and sizes can be manufactured virtually any situation can accommodation.


Vacutherm are able to offer various shapes of Vacuum Insulation panels. Any straight sided shape can be manufactured, e.g:

Insulation shapes



So if you have an insulation problem where space is a real problem give us a call on 016973 20483, we will be pleased to help you.