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In the construction sector, VACUPOR® VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels) make it possible to obtain very effective results with ultra thin insulation thicknesses and impressively small space requirement. In existing housing stock, where there is insufficient space to carry out essential high-quality energy efficiency improvements, VACUPOR® VIPs are real problem-solvers. At Vacutherm with our leading retailer knowledge and experience we can create bespoke design layouts to suit any building element as well as efficiently organise your space management to make sure you get the best effective results.




Vacutherm are able to offer various shapes of Vacuum Insulation panels. Any straight sided shape can be manufactured, e.g:

Insulation shapes



  • Only vacuum company with this service
  •  Allowing maximum coverage
  • Preventing thermal bridging
  • Can be used in the following building applications:
    • Floors
    • Walls
    • Roofs
    • Glazing
    • Façade

Idea for

  • Sustainable building
  • Passivhaus standards
  • OEM integration
  • Machinery applications
  • Insulated glazing


  • Ultra thin insulation
  • Maximum reduction of heat loss
  • Minimising thermal bridging
  • Potential overall coverage
  • Saving space

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one of the many advantages of using Vacutherm is that we can optimise the number and sizes of panels required your application. This results in the best thermal performance and cost advantageous solution. However this can result in a number of panel sizes being delivered to your project.

So Vacutherm will provide, free of charge, a panel layout for your application. This is based upon your specific project dimensions and providers you and your installers a plan of how to install panels to achieve optimum results.

This means valuable time on site is saved and all the guess work is take out of installing your panels.


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VACUPOR® Vacuum Insulation Panels can help to transform any project where insulation is required. Because of the ultra thin nature of the panels they are exceptional to Create Space and Save Energy. They can contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of a building, reducing Green House Gas emissions.

Vacutherm’s VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels are up to 10 times thinner than other traditional insulation materials. So if you have an application where you would like to save space or a problem because traditional inslation materials are to thick – then VACUPOR® could be the solution. To give an idea of where vaupor could assist see some typical real life examples below:

  • Floors – Where, during a renovation, removing an existing solid floor to insulate with traditional insulation would be disruptive, very time consuming and costly. Laying VACUPOR® over the existing floor and a thin floating floor gives a rapid solution that can easily meet or better current building regulation requirements.
  • Curtain Walling – In curtain walling applications spandrel (solid) panels are regularly required.using traditional insultion materials requires a large increase of thickness of the panel to meet the thermal requirements. This generally means having the panel encroach into the internal space of the building. Using VACUPOR® within a sealed glazed unit usually means that building regulation requirments are met within the thickness of the standard sealed unit.
  • OEM Integration – within mchinery and product applications space is usually at a premium. Therefore where heat needs to be conserved the use of traditional insulation materials can be extremely prohibitive. The use of VACUPOR® can ‘free-up’ valuable space. Added to this because bespoke shapes and sizes can be manufactured virtually any situation can accomodated.


So if you have an insulation problem where space is a real problem give us a call on 016973 20483, we will be pleased to help you.

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bespoke insulation layout design


Each project is different, and comes with its own demands and design criteria. At Vacutherm we have had extensive experience of how to best integrate VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels (VIP’s). this means that when it comes to your installation you can be sure that you are getting the best and most up to date advise.

Vacutherm will work with you to make sure that the VIP’s required for your project are integrated as  efficiently as possible. We will listen to your project goals and recommend the best solution for your project from our world beting extensive range of vacuum insulated products. Unlike some insulation providers we have developed a number VACUPOR® products so that you can benefit from one that it ideally suited to your application and installation, not just one that will “do”.

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Popular Q&A’S

How much more effficient are VIP's than 'normal' insulation materials?

VACUPOR® VIP’s are the most efficient on the market. The table and picture below gives an idea of thickness of a number of insulation materials giving the same performance.

  • Minernal wools                       100mm
  • Expanded polystyrene           80mm
  • PIR’s                                          60mm
  • VACUPOR®                            10mm

Are they accepted by building regulations?

Yes, they are accepted under current buildings regs and have a CE Certificate.

I know I can't pierce a VIP panel, but how fragile are they?

People become concerned about the fragility of vacupor. However its not like handling a box of eggs, but some care needs to be taken. We liken it to handling a double glazed window unit. They can take more punishment than you think. However abuse them, like throwing them out of a second story window, and they will break!

Can anybody install VACUPOR® panels

Yes. Anyone can install VACUPOR® panels. You just to have care during the installation. For example keeping sharp objects and items away from the panels to ensure they are not pierced.

Where can I buy VACUPOR® panels?

we offer VACUPOR® VIP’s direct to the end user or integrators. We do not sell through merchants or distributors, this means there are no middle men and you will receive the usual Vacutherm outstanding service.

Are VIP's new, I have never heard of them?

VACUPOR® is not new as an insulation material. We have been offering it in the UK for nearly 10 years. The first use of VACUPOR® in a construction setting was around the turn of the century, in Germany. Since the extraordinary qualities of VACUPOR® have spread around the world.

Can I cut VACUPOR® panels?

Unlike traditional insulation materials VACUPOR® panels should not be cut. This is because each panel holds a vacuum, similar to a flask, which ensures their world beating insulating properties. However VACUPOR® is available in virtually any size to accommodate your requirements.

How long do VACUPOR® panels last?

The panels are designed to last the life time of your building. During official testing the panels are put through accelerated aging tests. This means we can give a certified performance for the panels for the first 30 years of their life.

Are VIP's used in anything other than buildings?

VACUPOR® panels are used in areas that your would not initially think about. We supply to a number of companies who integrate the panels into their own products. However the most common use for VIP’s are within A+, or better, fridges and freezers.

How much do VIP's cost?

VACUPOR® is not the cheapest insulation material on the market. However in numerous cases its use will pay back because:

  • Space is saved – allowing a project to be realised
  • Time scales are reduced – alleviating expensive site site set up costs and prelims.

Can VACUPOR® panels be mechanically fixed?

No. mechanically fixing the panels means the internal vacuum will be lost and the insulation properties significantly reduced. We recommend either clamping in place or adhering in some circumstances. If you have any questions regarding this just give us a call.


VACUPOR® Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPS) are used in virtually all areas of construction and in many OEM applications. Their popularity is growing because of their ultra thin design, allowing them to be tailored to any project. Let our tailor made services help you in your next project…


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